Why Women Want To Control A Relationship

There's a strange power dynamic between men and women that has always existed. Women often run the home and manage the children, yet men are suppose to be in charge according to some. This is something that, for many women, makes no sense. They can't understand why they are allowed to make all the decisions, manage all the important things that come with running a household, yet they are somehow considered the lesser in the relationship. It can be maddening for some women that their role can be superseded or their decisions can be vetoed by someone just because they are a different gender. For some women, this inequality is just too much to handle, and they no longer want to be submissive.

The BDSM community is one that welcomes this, and Female Led Relationships, Marriages, Dommes, and other Power Exchange relationships are quite common. They draw in women that have had enough of being the less powerful, less dominant, and they can offer powerful, capable women the chance to spread their wings and truly embrace their own feminine prowess. It's an attractive offer for naturally powerful women, although some may question this type of relationship where the woman is in charge. It might be because they are not naturally dominant or they can't look past the expectations of society that tell us women should be submissive. But no matter the reason, these are ridiculous assertions, and women should want control in a relationship. It's only natural, and it should be an option for any woman that wants it.

There are many different reasons that a woman might want to have the power in her relationship. One common one is that they feel naturally dominant or superior to their male partner, or to males in general, and want to assert their superiority. Many women are naturally better listeners, nurturers, compromisers, and learners, and this often gives them huge advantages over men. Women are also much more emotionally mature than men. It can often be frustrating when you are smarter, more capable, and more emotionally aware than others around you, and it can be downright unbearable if these people are placed in a position of power over you. Powerful, smart women want control because they realize they are smarter and superior, and they want to be able to use their gifts and not be stifled by lesser people dictating their future.

Another reason many women want power is because they already are in charge when it comes to their relationships. How many times have you seen references in popular culture to the woman being the one wearing the pants? The man may think he's in charge, but if the woman isn't happy or she makes a decision, it's going to go her way, or he's in big trouble. That is commonly accepted popular wisdom. Some women are okay with this, knowing that they can get what they want from their husbands without the official title of being in charge, but for others, this is not acceptable. They can't understand why they should accept being in a situation where they are really in charge, but aren't recognized for this. These women want the title of power as well as the actual power, and they seek out relationships where they can be fully in control of their relationship without any ambiguity. Having the control allows them to get what they want in a straightforward way, and it allows them to go ahead and use their dominance to make decisions without going through their male partners in any way.

Other women desire control in a relationship because they want to be happy and satisfied. With so many relationships that end in breakups, divorce, and misery, mostly stemming from people that just don't give enough love and respect to one another, it's no surprise that some women just want to be happy. And some women find that the way to do this is to take charge of the relationship and demand exactly what they want from their male partners. By taking charge and entering into a Female Led Relationship or similar Power Exchange relationship, the woman can make demands, say exactly what she wants, and know that her partner will satisfy her with devotion and dedication. There are very few men in vanilla relationships that are as dedicated, attentive, and willing to do whatever it takes to please their women as men in a Female Led Relationship tend to be, and this can save entire relationships. It can also make both partners infinitely more satisfied, the woman because she gets what she needs and the man because he knows he is pleasing her and earning her love and affection.

There are many reasons that a woman might choose to enter into a relationship where they are in control, based on her personality, her ideals, or her past. But the reason isn't necessarily the most important thing. What is important is that the community offers women relationship options where they can take charge if they wish. Being in a relationship where you feel comfortable, confident, and appreciated can make all the difference in the world, and for the women that choose relationships where they are in charge, there's nothing more satisfying.

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