Why Men Want To Obey Women

If you look at all the major societies that have come and gone throughout the history of this planet, nearly ever one of them was a patriarchal society, meaning that the men were in control. This power varied from society to society. Some have shared power with women, some have had complete control both at home and in public, with every variation in between. But they have all been controlled by men. Why? The men in control would have you believe that itís the superior skill and intellect of their gender, that they alone are the strongest, smartest, most important.

But if you look deeper into the lives of these men, thereís another common pattern. Even the most powerful men, the movers and the shakers of every era, were secretly and deeply affected by the presence of their woman companions. From Pharaohs to Kings to conquerers, men throughout history have secretly sought the presence of powerful women. And even more privately, many men entrenched in patriarchal societies have secretly sought submissive relationships with women to fully satisfy their needs and desires.

Why do men outwardly claim their dominance yet depend so dearly on the women in their lives, worshipping and obeying them in private? If you ask me, itís because men are afraid of women. Men know that they are not the stronger, smarter, superior gender. They also know if they surrender the advantages they have built up, walls put in place to limit and control the power of women, that they will lose the power they have forever. So they cling to what they have dearly by putting up more walls and making more restrictions to keep women down. To keep them under control.

For some women, this may sound like a hopeless situation. Men have the power, so they can more easily control the power and continue to limit the ability of women to get their fair share. But to me, it explains why so many men are not only attracted to powerful women, but are willing to submit, obey, and give up their lives to women in the community. Deep down, every powerful man knows that he is not really the top dog. He deserves to submit to a woman, to obey her, because, in all honesty, she is the more powerful. He wants to obey her because he knows that she is a goddess and that her feminine gifts make her worthy of service and worship. And he also knows that while he may not be willing to give her the power she deserves in the greater society, he can give her everything and more in the privacy of the home.

There are also a number of other reasons that men want to obey women. Some men find that the pressures of being in a male dominated society, one where their paycheck and reputation determine their self worth, is too much to handle. So they turn to a powerful woman and let her make the decisions. For the time they are in her presence, they are let off the hook entirely as she is in charge of the situation, and all consequences of actions taken fall to her to manage. It allows them to finally relax and escape the stress they feel in the rest of their lives, and they can finally be free.

Other men find pleasure in obeying women because they resent the power their gender holds. These men feel either unworthy of the power they hold or angry that they are forced into a role where they are required to make the most money, ask the girl out on the first date, and be the leader. So when they get the chance, they choose to let the women do all of these things. They obey her orders because they feel thatís the way it should be, and it allows them to live in a world that they wish they were a part of, even for just a few hours. Many men also find a great deal of pleasure in following a womanís lead because it is the opposite of what theyíve experience and the opposite of whatís expected, and that newness brings with it genuine arousal and excitement.

Still other men find pleasure in the basic emotional and physical sensations that come with obeying a woman, whether they are masochistic and enjoy the pain and humiliation, or they simply like following orders. Or they not only recognize women as the more powerful, they recognize women as goddesses that require god like treatment. Following her orders and taking care of her every wish is only natural for these men, and they crave nothing more than to make her every wish a reality.

Finally, there are also men that crave and desire a womanís affection so dearly that they will do nearly anything to get it. They know that if they submit and obey her, she will be satisfied. No matter what is asked of him, if he does it and he does it well, he will receive her praise and admiration. Submitting to a woman also makes them vulnerable to her power, and it opens them up to experience a level of trust, understanding, and satisfaction that canít be found in equal partnerings. And so men crave this level of intimacy and are willing to do anything to get it.

Not every reason a man may want to obey a woman traces back to the fact that we live, and have always lived, in a male dominant society. But menís recognition of the female prowess certainly has led him to extreme measures in the past, and itís no difference when it comes to relationships. A man that recognizes the inherent powers a female possesses will go to many extreme measures, and it brings out strong emotions. Whether the man chooses to use those emotions to please a woman or put her down in society (or both) is up to the individual man. But ladies, just remember that itís the men who are truly scared of what we can do. And the more they push us back, the more they realize just how powerful we have become.

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