Learning To Serve A Domina

If you are interested in
learning to serve a domina you must make a strong commitment. The time of the Domina is important and She can`t have it wasted by pathetic submissive men. Remember that training can take years or even a life time.

If You are just starting out on the path of learn to serve a Domina you need to think things through. Talk to a few different Domina and listen to what they advice you. Each Domina has diferent training methods so make sure you find the Domina that suits you.

One question you must ask yourself is if your ready for other people to know your a submissive that is serving a Domina. Are you seeking to serve the Domina part time or full time. Much much time do you have a week to do your learning. It is important to think of what you are seeking and the sort of learning you wish to do when serving a Domina.

There are many men out there with submissive tendencies and desires, but there are not nearly as many that are truly ready to serve a Domina and give their lives to serving her needs. To truly serve a Domina, you need to be completely dedicated to the work of pleasing her, and you must forego all pleasures and freedoms that you desire in favor of what she desires. But the rewards for these submissive men more than make up for the sacrifice, and once a submissive man truly learns to serve his Domina, he will be completely satisfied and fulfilled in ways that no other relationship has ever been able to do for him. Itís a tough road, but one that truly submissive men desire above all else.

When learning to serve a Domina, the first thing you must do is make a solid commitment to this lifestyle. It can take months, years, even lifetimes to truly learn how to please a Domina, and the learning never ends. Without a solid commitment, many men will quit and return to their vanilla lives unfulfilled. The t raining gets tough and intense, beyond what they expected, and they quit. But if you commit long-term and constantly remind yourself of the benefits of being t ruly Submissive, even when the training gets intense, you will be able to persevere and claim your reward as a prized Submissive servant.

Another thing to keep in mind when learning to serve a Domina is your level of commitment. Are you ready to serve 24/7, out in public, at all times, or do you desire play sessions and part time service? Either option is totally fine, but you must be clear with your Domina upfront as it will change your relationship and her training methods. You should also consider what types of training you desire, and choose a Domina based on what she provides and if it suits your needs. Serving a Domina is not about you, but itís best to place yourself under the service of a woman whose training methods and lifestyle choices fit your desires best so that there are no conflicts later. And above all else, you must be prepared to leave all of your own desires, fears, wants and dreams behind in favor of hers. If you can truly let go and do as she asks, make her dreams come true, then and only then can you learn to serve her well.

If youíre ready to make this commitment, then contact Dominas in your area. Talk to them about their services, and see if their style suits your submissive nature. It is best to start with play sessions until youíre certain you are a good match, but once youíve found youíre compatible, there is no reason not to make the relationship full time if you want it to be so that you can learn to serve your Domina completely.

Remember that serving a Domina is a huge commitment, far more than just a Dominatrix play session. It is a lifestyle overhaul that will change everything about your way of life. The learning continues day in, day out, and you must always be ready to accept the training and adapt your behavior to what she wants from you. But if you truly desire the submission and the bliss and harmony that comes from entering sub-space, then there is no better way to go.

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