How To Find A Dominant Woman

Many men have deep seeded desires to be with and to serve a Dominant woman, whether for quick play sessions or for lifelong commitments. They want to be controlled, to be put in their place, and to be given the chance to serve a powerful, feminine goddess in a way that will earn her trust and admiration. Searching for a Domme and earning her approval can be a stressful thing, particularly for a submissive man, but it is certainly worth the effort and stress in the end. But where does this search start? Where do men find a Dominant woman to serve, and how does he approach her?

For men that simply want a powerful woman that is willing to set the rules of the house and take charge of the relationship, the search isnít quite that difficult. Dominant women are everywhere once you start to look for them. Make an effort when youíre out in public to find and identify women that are taking the lead, women who are asserting themselves, and women who are clearly confident in their presence. Once youíve identified this woman, find a way to introduce yourself. Compliment her, buy her a drink, and make it clear that you feel she is a beautiful, powerful, and amazing creature. This could lead to future dates and even that Dom and sub relationship youíve always desired.

For men that arenít quite ready to make introductions like this out in public, particularly for very shy and very submissive men, online dating can be a great way to find a Dominant woman as well. Carefully read the profiles of potential dates. She may not come out and scream that she is a Domme, but there are clues to look for in the online profile such as listing herself as confident, assertive, and proud. Take a potential date youíve met online out for drinks and talk to her, listening carefully to see if she responds to hints about Domination. Maybe you donít want to come right out and ask her if she is a Domme, but mentioning your interests in powerful women and your appreciation of the feminine spirit can clue you in as to whether or not she would be open to this sort of thing in the future. If she responds well, then go ahead and ask her! You may just have found your Dominant goddess that will be willing to take charge in your new relationship.

If, however, your submission fantasies go beyond just that of having a powerful woman take charge, you have to approach the situation a bit differently. Vanilla women who have no interest in BDSM can actually become offended quickly by suggestions of domination play, even if itís something that they may agree to after time. But if thatís what youíre looking for right off the bat, you have to go to the types of places and online spots that these women hang out in. BDSM Dommes do exist, in quite large numbers, and you simply need to make the effort to find them.

The quickest and easiest way to find Dommes is to connect with other folks interested in BDSM in your local area. Most cities and towns have an underground BDSM community that hosts events, parties, and play times, and this can be a great source of introductions to other people interested in the same types of kink that you are. If youíre not already affiliated with your local BDSM community, get involved. Go to gatherings, meet up at your local dungeon, and talk to everyone you can within the community. You might not meet the Domme of your dreams on the first night, but you might meet someone that can set you up with a Domme in the future.

The BDSM community also has a large online presence. You can also go to websites that are specific dating sites for BDSM folks looking for others to connect with, and you can be very clear about exactly what it is youíre looking to gain from a relationship.

When looking for this type of more serious, more extreme Dom and sub relationship, remember that these women are much more Dominant than just an average girl that is naturally a leader. Dominas and Dommes are often aloof, powerful, and sure of themselves. They know that submissive men are attracted to them, and theyíre not looking for a sobbing, shy, uninteresting guy to tell them their sad tale of why they need to serve her. So be prepared to be assertive. Compliment the Domina in a loud, clear voice, and make it quite clear that you are an ideal, capable servant. A Domina wants to be served an worshipped, and if you appear weak or incapable of taking care of her needs, she wonít give you the time of day. Even though you may be submissive and interested in sub play or slavery, itís really your ability to serve and please that will attract her in the end. Make it clear that you are competent, loyal, loving, and ready to do whatever it takes to make her life truly fulfilled.

Finding a Domme does take work, but itís worth the effort. Determine what type of Dom and sub relationship you're looking for, and go from there. Dominant women are everywhere if you just know where to look, and being in the right place with the right preparation is the key to securing your ability to serve and worship this goddess of your dreams.

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