Female Dominance

In a relationship were the woman partner is Dominant and the male partner is submissive there is referred to as Female Dominance. Some people may refer to this type of woman as a Domina, Dominatrix, Mistress or other terms.

Sometimes the type of role play occurs with a BDSM relationship, but not always. The Female dominance within the relationship may be private or it may be made public for others to know. Sometimes the male partner is called a submissive, slave or another term.

Often within the Female Dominance relationship the male may be cuckolded. This involves the Female having other lovers.

It should be noted that there are no predefined set of rules or activities within the female dominance relationship. Each relationship will have it`s own ways, rules and activities. Female dominance is based on safety, love and respect.

Female Dominance in a Relationship There are different types of relationships out there. After all, not all people fall under the same umbrella. For a large number of individuals out there, female dominance in the relationship is the chosen way to go. This offers pleasure and empowerment that can benefit both parties.

Since they are both consenting adults who enjoy the dominant and submissive roles, or who like role playing as dominant or submissive, there is no loss here. Both man and woman can find a lot of joy in this and can do more in their relationship, and in all areas of that relationship. It strengthens and brings excitement. People naturally fall under dominant or submissive.

While gender roles will say that men are dominant and women are submissive, it changes by the individual. There are a large number of people who prefer it the other way around. You will find many women who enjoy having control and power in their relationship, as well as a large number of men who want to be controlled. This is not a forced situation for either party. They both genuinely desire the pleasure and excitement that they get from this type of relationship.

Sometimes, there is the desire to play one of these roles in the bedroom. Role playing different individuals and with different interests can be new and interesting. It gives you the chance to get out of your comfort zone, or even find new power in yourself. For women, role playing dominant can help to boost self-esteem and confidence because you need to be strong in order to pull this off. For men, it is a great way to have a little fun, as long as it stays within your comfort zone. With boundaries set up and an understanding of what the both of you want, this type of role playing can help you to cut loose a bit. Women especially benefit from this.

As stated, it is a boost to self-esteem and confidence. While it is not right for all women, it is still an experience worth trying. You are going to be finding your own voice and strength while having fun. This does not compare to other methods of strengthening yourself and boosting your confidence. It is effective and it is something that you can find a lot of joy in with ease. Even if it is just role playing, it is still going to build you up.

Female Dominated Relationship
Many people are beginning to believe that a female Dominated relationship is just the natural way things were meant to be. They claim that they just realized that women possess feminine power and are actually the goddess whom men should worship. In a female dominated relationship, the woman uses her feminine power and intellect to lead the relationship toward success. This female superiority is a unique relationship model that numerous people are beginning to embrace.

Studies have shown that women are best equipped biologically and intellectually to be the head of the household and as a matter of fact, numerous women are beginning to embrace this fact. Good enough, we are now in the age where women are now opened up to the facts and ideologies of female dominated relationships. Women are becoming the main decision makers in their relationships and are in charge of all the familyís affairs. Some women are now beginning to realize that they are dominant by nature and are now taking control in by using their natural feminine power. They are now smart enough to learn how to use the manís desire to their advantage.

In short, some women now even believe that a relationship was meant for their pleasure and not for that of men. Women are now believed to have the attributes best fitted to run a female dominated relationship. A female dominated relationship brings harmony to a household, it just makes for a happy relationship. When women dominate financially, things work out well. If they decide to dominate in all areas of a relationship, they become a force to reckon with, so they should just be allowed to dominate the entire relationship. There are numerous reasons why some men have submissive desires toward women. What matters is that it all ends up leading them to desire female domination. They love female authority and they seek it from the female gender and that exactly explains what female domination is all about. They often express it outwardly through different ways.

The rate at which some men want to be submissive to women these days is unimaginable. Most womenís ability to radiate power has even assisted them to completely dominate their relationships. Though most men possess traits of physical strength and aggression, women possess the real strength and are intellectually gifted to dominate their relationships. A greater percentage of women excel in colleges better than men, and also women have also been proven to be more biologically sensitive. They endure far more than men and have gone the extra mile to prove that they are the natural leaders in a relationship. It is however noteworthy that all female dominated relationships are not the same. Some women have taken theirs to the great levels. They refer to it as the bondage and discipline type of female dominated relationship. They inflict discipline on the male to strengthen his submissive nature. But what matters is that a female dominated relationship is far better than a male dominated one.

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