Domina Spanking

Part of serving and obeying a strict Domina will usually mean receiving a solid spanking from her. She will often place you over her knee and give you a really hard spanking. The spanking may just be a hand spanking but at other times she may use a paddle or a hair brush.

A spanking will usually be very severe and part of discipline and training. Often the Domina will start out with a slow spanking and build the pain and intensity over a period of time. Some spankings may continue for hours. The spanking is usually carried out as part of your training.

Spankings are one of the most popular, most often used methods of control, discipline and erotic pleasure in BDSM relationships that work for newbies as well as experienced Dommes and slaves. There are many ways to spank and many reasons as well, and it can be both a pleasurable experience that causes deep, sensual arousal and one that causes painful humiliation that leads to greater control by the dominant. In either case a good spanking can really take a BDSM relationship to the next level and define the roles of the power exchange more clearly.

No matter whether spanking is meant to be pleasurable or painful, trust is an absolute essential. Spanking should only be used when both parties are 100% trusting of one another. The submissive needs to know that they are in a position where they will experience pain and suffering, but aren’t in danger even if they may be pushed to their personal limits. The dominant must also be aware of the situation as the submissive will not speak up or even offer their “safe” word when things go too far. It is a heavy responsibility, but one that yields much power and satisfaction due to the high level of control involved.

When a spanking is used for pain and discipline, the dominant will usually be upset or angry with the submissive for something that has displeased them. They want to correct the bad behavior and ensure that it doesn’t occur again. This type of spanking is generally longer and more painful, and the added emotional element of the dominant can make it astonishingly more powerfully emotionally for the submissive. Submissives will often cry from the weight of the emotions. This type of spanking also tends to include humiliation. The slave will be put in an unnatural or binding position or spoken to harshly to enhance the punishment. When spanking is used in this way, while it may bring some pleasure, the goal is to cause pain and humiliation for the submissive and teach them to correct behaviors. Some dominants may also use punishment spankings as training for harsher, more intense BDSM activity such as whipping or caning, or for those new to the BDSM lifestyle that need to become more desensitized. While it may seem harsh, this activity actually strengthens the power exchange, solidifying the roles of Mistress and slave and providing a physical display of this bond.

Spanking for pleasure can also be painful, but it is not used as punishment. The spanking is a reward, and most submissives find it incredibly erotic. Many times the dominant will wield the promise of an erotic spanking over the slave’s head for hours or days to intensify the anticipation and get the submissive excited. Once the spanking begins it may also include stroking, fondling or other erotic touching that enhances the overall erotic experience for both people, leading to more naughty activities directly after the spanking itself. Many submissives love being spanked as it heightens their physical awareness, puts them into a state of altered consciousness and allows them to completely lose control of the situation and relax fully. Dominants enjoy the control as well as the feel of hand on flesh and are turned on by the redness under the tender skin, leading to a deeper sense of arousal and pleasure.

Whether for control or pleasure, a spanking between a dominant and submissive partner is a way to produce a physical representation of the power exchange. Both parties will relish in their roles and will gain a deeper level of domination or submission through this activity.

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