Domina Poly Relationship

More and more women are enjoying the benefits of a Domina Poly Relationship. Also you will find there are more men seeking a poly relationship with a Domina also. There are no official statistics on this style of relationship but the numbers are on the rise.

In a poly relationship the Domina will have more then one lover, often she will have several lovers. The male submissive is aware of her lovers and accepts that. Sometimes all the lovers will live in the same house as the Domina. They will also be well trained to serve and obey the Domina.

Often the Domina will make one of the male submissives an alpha submissive. Strict rules are needed in the poly relationship and the Domina will enforce these rules. Remember, the poly relationship is all about what the Domina wants.

Polyamory often involves a certain level of domination and submission. A lot will depend on how dominant the Woman is and how submissive she wants the man to become in the relationship.

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