Domina Marriage

Although not for everyone, there are many couples that prefer the benefits of a Domina Marriage. Often they have tried a vanilla marriage only to find they are not happy. The Domina style marriage offers the couple a path to happiness and stability in the marriage.

In a Domina marriage the wife takes on the role as the Dominant partner and the husband learns to serve and obey as a submissive. Sometimes it takes a lot of training for the husband to learn the correct role of a submissive.

The wife may also decide to train the submissive husband to become a full slave. She may also want to cuckold the husband. It is a good idea for the couple to talk in detail about any plans for a Domina marriage. Each Domina marriage is different and it should be talked about what would be best.

In an increasing number of married couples, the women are taking charge and taking the role of absolute dominance in the marriage. Female dominant marriages have benefits for both the woman and the man, and they can create harmonious, successful relationships. When most people hear the phrase “female dominant marriages” they immediately assume this only relates to the sex. And while the sexual Dominatrix aspect of this coupling is one element, it is not typically the foundation. Being a Dominatrix in a female dominant marriage simply means that the woman has total control, making all decisions and being the final authority. She decides if and when the man works, handles the finances, manages the chores and ensures the household runs smoothly. She is also solely responsible for the success of the couple as she is the one taking care of all the important decisions. This type of marriage takes a great deal of trust on both parties, but it has huge benefits as well.

For the woman in the Domme role, she gets the chance to use her natural intellect, female intuition and womanly prowess to steer the couple in the right direction. Women generally have stronger intellects, emotional maturity and sensitivity to their environment, making them ideal leaders. Taking on this role is empowering, and most dominant women derive great pleasure from taking the lead and using their talents to the fullest extent. This relationship also helps balance power between the genders and provide harmony. While women are intellectually and emotionally more powerful than men, men are physically stronger than women. And this can cause women to hide their intellect or change their behavior due to fear of being overpowered physically. For women that have at times felt intimidated by this physical prowess of men, taking a dominant role can be freeing, allowing them to feel totally in control knowing the man will submit. It can generate great confidence in the woman and also allow her to feel more at ease and more able to be her true, loving self. Men in a submissive role also derive great pleasure from this female dominant arrangement. Men are unique creatures, being carried, born and raised by women, they often crave the love and approval of strong women figures in their lives from the time they’re babies until they’re old men. Having a Dominatrix wife fills that inherent desire to have a woman in control. Men also have great pressure placed on them by society to be successful, strong, to work at good jobs and take care of their families. They may have powerful jobs where they have to make many life-altering decisions every day. Coming home to a dominant woman is a way of relieving that pressure, of allowing someone else to take on the responsibility for them. This is a very freeing feeling, and many men find that they can love their dominant wives more deeply when freed of the responsibility of steering the marriage.

Finally there is great benefit in having one leader in a relationship. When there is just one Captain, one dominant partner, arguments, decisions and daily operations run more smoothly. With two equal partners, everything becomes a compromise, leaving everyone slightly unhappy. When the woman takes the lead in a female dominant marriage, everything works more efficiently. Both parties know their roles, accept them and relish in them. It can be very harmonious to live this way, with no fighting or arguing. Female led marriages are becoming increasingly common as they make for wonderful, harmonious marriages. Both the man and the woman find pleasure in their accepted roles and gain great trust, love and respect through the roles they live. If you’re interested in this type of arrangement, don’t be shy, it can be a wonderful, successful way to share your life with the right dominant woman or submissive male.

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