Dating Dominant Women

So you have found yourself a Dominant woman, you lucky guy. Men search far and wide for such a person, and they give up their lives to her once theyíve found her. But if youíre not experienced with Dominant women, it can be hard to navigate a new found relationship with one. Theyíre not like other women, and there are certain expectations that come with dating such a special lady that someone new to the lifestyle may not understand. Dominant women certainly arenít forgiving as they are typically in demand with many options for suitors at every corner, and being able to treat them correctly from the very beginning is essential if you wish to retain her favor and keep her in your life for the long run. So hereís some advice on how to date a Dominant woman the right way so that you end up as her loving, beloved sub.

Be Respectful
Nothing will cause a Dominant woman to run away faster than a man that doesnít show respect. And that doesnít just mean respect for her personally, but respect in general. Make sure that when you are around her, even if youíre not actively engaged with her (for example, at a party or at a bar where you might be involved in separate conversations for periods of time), that you remain respectful. Acknowledge everyone you meet with formal greetings and have polite conversations, and have respect for the environment and situation that youíre in. This can even refer to how you carry yourself or even how you dress. For example, if an event you plan to attend is formal but you donít prefer formal clothes, if you donít have the proper level of respect for both yourself and the situation to dress the part, even if it makes you uncomfortable, you wonít impress this Dominant lady.

And above all else, you must exercise the proper level of respect with yourself by holding yourself to the highest standards possible and treating yourself in the highest regards. A Dominant woman does not want a man that is unable or unwilling to take care of himself. Being sloppy or having a low opinion of yourself speaks volumes to the kind of servant you will be to her, and she most likely will not want to deal with that. She does not want sniveling, helpless subs but capable, reverent men that are able to suit her needs and desires. This can be a hard quality for naturally submissive men to master, but it is of the utmost importance.

Do Not Always Keep Taking About Domination and submission
Yes, Domination is part of a Dom/Sub relationship (although not always as there are some couples who engage in a Female Led Relationship without any sort of domination whatsoever). But your potential Dominant woman does not want to hear about all of your desires. In fact, she doesnít want to hear about your desires at all. If anything, she wants to tell you her desires, hoping to gauge whether or not you are the man to fulfill them. But let her be the one to bring them up, and let her dictate the conversations when it comes to Domination. Simply let her know if you are willing and capable of making her shared fantasies a reality, but don't go overboard and talk of nothing but the wild life you are fantasizing about for yourself. Nothing turns off a Domme faster than a man who only wants Domination from her and nothing else. So make sure you work on the rest of your relationship first, and trust that the rest will fall into place once the relationship is in the right place as well.

Show Your Level Of Commitment
With some relationships, itís often scary to show just how head over heels in love with someone you are right from the beginning. It can be a turn off, something that scares away the other individual. But with a Dominant woman, less isnít more, more is more. She wants to know without the shadow of a doubt that you are capable of commitment, and that you are committed to her long term. She doesnít want to bother wasting time and energy investing in your relationship if it turns out that youíre not the type of guy that can stick to something for the long haul. Even if things get tough (and keep in mind, she might be making things tough on purpose to test you), show your ability to power through and be there for her at all times. If you can show this now, she will know that she can truly trust you later. And it will help build a solid foundation for your Dom/Sub relationship.

Make Your Intentions Clear
Itís sort of an oxymoron, but you need to be clear about your intentions when it comes to dating a Dominant woman. Yes, she wants you to be submissive and thatís what your role will be in the relationship, but to get the ball rolling, you must be able to stand up and say what you want from her. Make your intentions clear while dating her, and if you do decide to move forward and create a Female Led Relationship ask for the things that you want out of the relationship up front. It can be hard for naturally submissive men to do this, to say what they want and not just cave in, but it will benefit your long term relationship if you speak up and make sure your intentions are clear right from the start. So muster up the courage to say what you must to get the ball rolling. And if you do, youíll be able to enjoy a lifetime of blissful, satisfying submission, and itíll be worth the effort it took to speak up at the beginning.

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